Ari Goldwag sings an A Cappella version of the song “Yerushalayim,” whose full-music version appears on the album “Lo Nafsik Lirkod.” The song is a stunningly-beautiful composition by Yochanan Shapiro, who composed it as he walked through Old City and his ‘feet stood in her gates.’ The lyrics were written by Miriam Israeli. The video contains powerful photographs by Jonathan Kestenbaum, as well as stills from footage by Yaakov Zire and Yaakov Citron. Ari is accompanied by a choir made up of himself, Moshe Bell and Chesky Leibowitz. A song to listen to whenever the heart yearns for something greater.

Song composed by Yochanan Shapiro
Original version on the album Lo Nafsik Lirkod (Never Stop Dancing)
Vocal arrangements: Ari Goldwag
Choir: Moshe Bell, Chesky Leibowitz, Ari Goldwag

לחן: יוחנן שפירא
מילים: מירי ישראלי
עיבוד ווקאלי: ארי גולדוואג
מקהלה: משה בל, חזקי ליבוביץ, ארי גולדוואג

על הר את יושבת קוראת לבנייך
העיר היפה היפה בעולם
נבואה כולנו במשכנותייך
העיר שאהבנו יותר מכולם
חלמנו לבנות את כל חורבותייך
מתי תנחם ה׳ את ציון
תעמודנה רגלינו בשערייך
עוד ישמע קול שמחה וששון

עומדות היו רגלינו בשערייך ירושלים
ירושלים הבנויה כעיר שחוברה לה יחדיו

You sit on a mountain, calling to your children
The most beautiful city in the world
We will all come into your sanctuaries
The city we loved more than them all
We dreamed of building all of your ruins
When will Hashem console Zion?
Our feet will stand in your gates

Our feet were standing in your gates Yerushalayim
Yerushalayim, the built, like a city connected together

Al Har at yoshevet korait levanayich
ha’ir hayafa, hayafa ba’olam
navo’a kulanu bemishkenotayich
Ha’ir she’ahavnu yotair meekulam
Chalamnu Livnot et kol chorvotayich
Matai Tinachem Hashem et tzion
Ta’amodna Raglenu b’she’arayich
Od Yishama kol simcha v’sasson

Omdos Hayu ragleinu b’sha’arayich Yerushalayim
Yerushalayim Habenuya ke’ir shechubra lah yachdav