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Yesh Li Hakol – יש לי הכל

“Yesh Li Hakol” is part of a 15 song Album by the same name.

Video by: Lavonafilm Productions (Dovid Lavon –
Written by: Dovid Lavon
Co-written by: Rachael Lavon

לחן ומילים: ארי גולדווג
תרגום לעברית: שרי ישראלי
Composition & Lyrics by Ari Goldwag
Hebrew Translation: Sari Israeli
Music Production: Doni Gross

Dedicated by Margita Munz in memory of her husband Karl

Special Thanks to:
The Goldstein Family, Yoni Vinnik, Ephraim Rubin, Yaakov Kupteiv, Elisheva Lavon, Yosef Petlak, The Thau Family, The Rotman Family

חשבתי שחיי קשים מאד
הרבה היה לי אך רציתי עוד

אבל כשקושי אמיתי ניצב
מתחיל לדעת מה חשוב עכשיו

לכן אמשיך להאמין בכל ליבי
ה‪’‬ שולח כל מה שצריך אני

יש לי הכל
yeah, I got it all
הכל כבר טוב
it’s already good, you know
ולא לדאוג
let your worries go
ה׳ תמיד נמצא אם מחפשים אותו

I always used to think
That life was tough
With all I had
I never had enough

But now real challenges
have come my way
I’m thinkin’ over
what I used to say

Now I need to hold on
To what I know inside
That all that I need,
Hashem always provides

Gotta thank Hashem
every day
every way
for so many blessings

it’s such an easy thing
with everything
goin’ on to pass it right by

Just gotta look around
break it down
hear the sound
Look up to the Heavens

There’s a feeling
I’m revealing
as I soar towards the sky