Every minority—every ethnic or religious subgroup—has its own internal conversations. Often, in the modern age, that’s resulted in specialized journalistic outlets. Jewish newspapers; Christian TV stations; Muslims journals.

But just as fascinating are journalists who take their particular identity, and use it as a lens through which to help general audiences view the world. What, indeed, does it mean for a reporter who is Jewish—or Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist—to write for The Atlantic, or Business Insider? To do original reporting in Ukraine, or Somalia or Syria?

On today’s episode, Rabbi Lamm spoke to Tablet Magazin’s Armin Rosen about what it means to learn and write about the wide world Biblically and Jewishly. They talked world travel; music festivals; the connection between death and joy in popular culture; the intertextuality of hip hop; what makes Orthodox Jews different from and similar to other Jews; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s 2007 address at Columbia University; the importance of 1st century Rome and Jerusalem for understanding contemporary politics; novels about Brazil; and much more!

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