Just in time for Pesach, please enjoy “Passing Over” – a song of hope in the midst of dark and difficult times.

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by… me
Roar Recording

Special thanks to Kaime Coupe – couldn`t have pulled this off without you!

Winter is gone
Spring is coming round
I feel
Different this time of year

It seems that the world
It`s burning to the ground
But me
I’m just looking for peace

Time of freedom
I really need ya now

Passing over
Passing over me
Breaking free
From the chain and the pain, heartache, and grief
I feel it passing over me

There’s a storm rising
It’s hard to ignore
And I pray
That you keep us safe

So we gather in
Make our marks on our doors
And be
Together as family

Fear aint got nothing on me
My heart is open and it leads
Through the splitting of the sea