Sari`s song was written back in 2010 during Sari Ort`s battle with cancer. Her smile and laugh were infectious to all who had the incredible opportunity to meet her. Sari loved this song and now, in honor of this coming week`s Parsha, it is finally being released.

Dedicated in memory of Sari Ort.

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Aryeh Kunstler

Sometimes it’s hard to find
A reason to laugh
You’re feeling down
You’re only feeling sadness

But dry those tears
Falling from your eyes
Just give a smile
Through laughter, you’ll survive

Sometimes the pain will seem too much
And all you’ll want to do
Is just give up
But know that in the end
It’ll be alright
Keep on smiling
Keep on shining bright

וַתִּצְחַק שָׂרָה
And then she laughed
No matter how down
No matter how bad
If you keep on fighting
You keep on smiling
The light you shine will last
וַתִּצְחַק שָׂרָה
And then she laughed

Sometimes you lose hope
In sadness and despair
You want to close your eyes
You don’t want to care

But when you smile
There’s a light that shines on your face
And it’s strong enough to light
The darkest of days