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Introducing… ‘Moments’ by MUZIKA.

At the heart of every Jewish wedding ceremony is the soul-stirring music accompanying those first steps down the aisle towards a new beginning. This is the Moment.

Exclusively curated for the Chuppah, ‘Moments’ is the only truly bespoke Chuppah ensemble anywhere in the world. A collective of world-class musicians whose aim is to give you the most beautiful, and bespoke, musical experience during your wedding ceremony.

Featuring internationally renowned vocalist #AviKraus together with piano, cello and violin, ‘Moments’ perform established pieces as well as original compositions.

To make your #Chupah even more special, our talented writers can compose musical scores and songs specifically for your ceremony, giving you something totally unique, never to be repeated.

Now more than ever, with smaller celebrations in this ever-changing world, the ceremony becomes even more important, even more special. Allow us to bring you the very finest musical moments, delivered with heart and soul, by our world-class ensemble.

Arranged and Produced by Asaf Flumendorf
Videography by Leor Melehi

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