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Still feeding off of the energy of last year’s hit Hanan Ben Ari Medley at the Herzka Family Simchas Beis Hashoeva, the renowned Baalei Tzedaka invited Freilach Band to deliver yet another captivating show.

This year, in the spirit of going back to the classics, Tzvi Blumenfeld arranged a beautiful medley of Avraham Fried’s Hebrew Hits that was expertly performed by Itzik Dadya, Avrumy Daskal, Benny Friedman and the eponymous Avraham Fried, accompanied by the Yedidim Choir.

Music by: Freilach Band / Avrumi Schreiber
Arranged by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Choir: Yedidim Choir | Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Live Sound: Check One Two Productions / Shulem Heiman
Live Sound Engineer: Eli Lishinsky
Mix: Mendy Friedman
VIdeo filmed & edited by: Motty Engel
Event Decor: Shifra Steele
Teleprompter: Motty Adler | Prompteller
Marketing: SolBlum Media

An NR Production

Song list:
00:00 Freilach Opener
00:22 Rak Tefilah
02:38 Achim Banefesh
03:46 Ani Shar
05:09 Al Tipol
07:10 Aleh Katan
08:06 Pashut Anashim
09:50 Kama Tov Shenifgashnu
10:37 Yerushlayim Shebalev

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