Get in the Wagon, Live the ‘Besht’ Life

The Bal Shem Tov was famous for his journeys to visit Yidden in far flung villages throughout the Ukraine. He would invite some of his disciples to join him on an epic journey to uplift Yidden and elevate sparks, on nature-defying trips on his holy wagon, guided more by Divine Providence than by his trusted driver Alexei.

The truth is we can all be along for the ride “In the Back of the Wagon of the Bal Shem Tov!”

The road stretches ahead, a tapestry of the unexpected. But in the heart of the Chasid, there is no fear, only the vibrant pulse of a journey guided by something greater. We ride the wagon of the Baal Shem Tov, where the destination exists within each step of the way, where each miraculous moment is intertwined with the seemingly mundane.

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that a cheleck of Hashem lives within us. He showed us that Hashem’s path, laid out since the dawn of creation, courses through every moment. To live the “Besht” life is to step into the back of that wagon, to surrender control, and find freedom in the unfolding journey.

We are constantly carried by the teaching of The Tzaddikim, by the wings of Hashem’s love. When we are united together, bound by faith, we weather every storm. Mountains rise and valleys dip, scenery shifting with the winds of change – this is our avodah, our sacred work. The broken bridge, the sweltering heat, the gentle rain – they shape us and remind us that we are never truly alone.

This wagon, symbolizing the wings of the eagle of Mashiach, brings us speeding towards ultimate redemption. But the Geulah begins right here, in the appreciation of Hashem’s will, in internalizing the divine orchestration of our lives.

The ‘Besht’ life is the Best life. A life of trust, of joy, of finding the sacred in every twist and turn of our journey.

So, climb aboard! Let Hashem’s Torah be the compass, and let the wisdom of the Baal Shem Tov light your way.
Embrace the journey, for it is the destination.
Embrace the unexpected, for there you’ll find Hashem.
Live the ‘Besht’ life – a life bound by faith, love, and the boundless potential that waits within the back of that extraordinary wagon.

TYH Nation Presents
Matisyahu | | Alex Clare

Farbrengable Studios – Mendy Portnoy
Produced Recorded and Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Guitars & Ukulele: Noam “Hargol” Burg

Cover at: Shabsai’s Art

Video edited by MatiSHRIKI Studio

Thank you to: The Bloomstein Brothers. Mendy Portnoy. Izzy D. RM. Yaakov Wohlgelernter. Yakov Josephy

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