When I reached out to my followers and asked if there was a certain topic they wanted me to write about in my next song and 90% of the answers were “Mental illness” I knew I had to do something about it.

So I did my research on the subject snd sat down to write BATTLE CRY. I wanted this song to be realistic, showing the real struggle yet empowering at the same time. I wanted women to feel seen and validated without throwing fairy dust all over it and saying it’s all going to be ok, because many people go through life suffering daily and it doesn’t just go away. It takes a lot of strength, therapy, and support sometimes to do the most simple things that others take for granted.

After I wrote the song, I knew I wanted to get the message out further to all the women who needed to hear it, and the best way to do it was together with the incredible organization AMUDIM who literally save lives every day!
Getting people the help they need for a variety of challenges such as: mental illness, addiction, sexual abuse etc…
I feel so honored to be doing this project together with them and hope and pray that this song will give those who need it the validation and strength they need.

It says “G-d doesn’t give a person a challenge he can’t handle” and somewhere inside we have the strength we need to overcome it, but sometimes it’s an ongoing challenge and takes a huge amountof strength and energy to keep going.

We all have challenges in life and at some point feel like we’re on the battlefield, But even though we may be struggling ourselves, let’s try and look around and see if there are others we could lift up who may seem to be having it harder than us.
I hope each one of you could relate to this song in their own way, and I hope it gives you the strength you need.

❤️ Chaya

If you or someone you know needs help,
contact Amudim at 646-517-0222 or visit them online at http://www.amudim.org


Another day another long night
So many thoughts, my heart keeps racing
I’m barely getting sleep and
Most days I feel like I am losing
The control I barely had
It’s all too much and so confusing

They say it can get a lot better
It may hurt but I can make it work
So I’m deciding today
I’m gonna make my life, a life worth living!

And I’m gonna fight!


If G-d put me on this battlefield field
He believes that I can win this war
If G-d put me on this battlefield
He will catch me when I fall
It may be an ongoing battle
But I’m not givin’ up
Not taking no shortcuts
Not going down withought a fight


Oh Oh Oh

When my world came crashing down
I was completely shattered
Felt like I didn’t matter
I chose to hide
not show my real face
It’s not pretty to be sad
and they just wouldn’t understand, yeah

But now I know a lot better
Not gonna camouflage myself again
with my prayer shield in hand
I am brave, and my scars are proof I’m living!

C part:

I’m still learning how to live this life
It’s not easy, but I won’t give up
It’s a journey and sometimes might get rough
But I remind myself I’ve had enough
Of living behind the scenes
Not fulfilling my dreams
I’m here, and I choose to live

And this is my battle cry!

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