Beautiful Bordeaux – October 28 – November 4, 2024

All Kosher Luxury Cruise Through France’s Bordeaux Region

“The Only All Kosher Cruise – Entire Ship Kosher”

All Inclusive: Cruise, Touring, Open Bar, Delicious Kosher Cuisine and So Much More!

Featuring Special Guest:
Lecturer Dr. Henry M. Abramson – Dean, Touro College
Culinary Experiences with Naomi Nachman


The Journey: River cruising with Kosher River Cruises has never been more elegant or refined than on this cruise through France’s beautiful Bordeaux region as we uncover the proud legacy and heritage of Southwest France. Set sail along three stunning rivers – the Garonne, Dordogne, and Gironde – on one historic and fascinatingly invigorating journey. Explore the country’s breathtaking backdrops, kosher wineries, Jewish heritage, and cultural treasures across the region in Bordeaux, Médoc, Cadillac, Blaye, Libourne and more. Wander through archaeological marvels, historic landmarks, and magnificent vineyards where you’ll be treated to a sampling of the quintessentially French experience.

Sample delectable local kosher wines on excursions to local kosher wineries, delight in a classical concert at the famous castle Château d’Agassac, and get lost in the wonder of medieval villages encompassing centuries of Jewish history and heritage. You can relax in absolute comfort on board your luxurious riverboat, content in the knowledge that there is sure to be yet another wondrous experience waiting to greet you onboard and at the next port.

Kosher Wine Program – Discovering the Kosher Wine Route of Bordeaux:The Bordeaux region has one of the world’s highest concentrations of vineyards producing high quality kosher wine. On this cruise, we have dedicated a number of choice excursions to kosher wine exploration and education. Whether you are interested in wine or just exploring some of the world’s most stunning scenery, complete with visits to ancient chateaus and castles, this tour has something for everyone. Our program will take us to local wine regions and kosher wineries in Medoc, Saint-Emilion, and Sauternes. Here we will explore vineyards, chateaus, and castles, learning about the region from local kosher vintners complete with wine teachings, tastings, exploration, and shopping! (Optional tour choices are available for those who may not be interested in the wine program).

Jewish Bordeaux: Ancient texts record the presence of Jews in Bordeaux from as early as the 6th century. A document dating from 1072 evokes a “Mont-Judaïque” which would have been on the outskirts of the ancient city of Bordeaux, where the streets Mériadec and Dauphine are currently located. For centuries, the cellars of tumbledown houses in the region’s old towns were home to hidden Jewish communities of conversos who came here from Spain after 1474. Used to hiding their faith in Spain, these “new Christians” continued to practice Judaism in secret when they came to France. Bordeaux’s Jewish community began to emerge from the shadows only in the mid-eighteenth century and then finally with the emancipation of all Jews in France in 1791 after the French Revolution.

The Great Synagogue of Bordeaux stands rebuilt, inaugurated in 1882. The architectural inspiration was a mixture of Gothic and Oriental styles. The interior decoration is of Syrian, Ottoman, Egyptian and Moorish inspiration, providing a majestic building with an original architectural point of view.

During the Second World War, the Occupation in Bordeaux was very brutal; more than 1600 Jews were deported. Today, the Jewish community of Bordeaux has expanded, with the arrival of a new Ashkenazi congregation and the arrival of Jews from North Africa in the 1960s.

Join Kosher River Cruises and our scholar in residence Dr. Henry Abramson as we explore the region’s unique Jewish history and heritage. We will immerse ourselves in the wonders of the Bordeaux region as we travel in luxury through its stunning, off-the-beaten-path and picturesque waterways.


Our all-inclusive river cruise vacation includes daily tours at each of our ports of call.

Cruise Tour

  • Day 1  (Mo) Bordeaux
  • Day 2  (Tu) Libourne
  • Day 3  (We) Blaye
  • Day 4  (Th) Medoc & Bourg 
  • Day 5  (Fr) Cadillac
  • Day 6  (Sa) Cadillac
  • Day 7  (Su) Bordeaux
  • Day 8  (Mo) Bordeaux