TYH Nation Presents –
Sruly Green –
Tribute to Michoel Schnitzler
לע״נ הרב מיכאל בן משולם זושא זצ״ל

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Michoel Schnitzler was a powerhouse of Yideshkeit, and during the week of shiva, following his sudden passing, we sat reflecting on the tremendous impact he had on each and every person that he met.

That night in the studio we composed a song to remember Michoel. It was not an easy task as this was a man who put his entire neshama into his music with one goal in mind-to uplift every listener. His music was full of chizzuk, and it was a direct reflection of who he was as a person.

With this song we remember a man who would instantly bring simcha to every situation. We remember a friend who lived to be mechazek another person. We remember a true Yid who looked at each of his brothers and sisters with loving eyes, full of hope and positivity and greeted everyone with a “Hello, all you beautiful people!”

By embracing and embodying the beliefs that he so strongly subscribed to, the lessons that Michoel taught us live on.

Spreading joy with this song, in the derech that Michoel taught us, should be an aliyah for his holy neshama.Amein.

This all came together during the final recording sessions while we put the finishing touches on Sruly Green’s new album. Keep an eye out- coming Shavuos time.

Farbrengable Studios / Mendy Portnoy
Song Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Hook Melody by Michoel Shnitzler
Additional Lyrics by Zishe Surkis

Music Produced and Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Vocals recorded by Mendy Portnoy at Fabrengable Studios
Additional Production and Mixing: Izzy Drihem
Guitars: Yair Meizlish
Mastered by Jake Antelis
Graphics: TYH Nation
Lyric Video: MatiSHRIKI Studio

Thank you to the Weiss family, The Blumstein Brothers Aryeh & Elimelech Blumstein, Mendy Portnoy, Zishe Surkis, Yakov Wohlgelernter, Yakov Josephy,, and everyone that made this happen.