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Nechake Lach originally recorded by Natan Goshen and Ishay Ribo

Violinists: Ariella Zeitlin and Elisheva Hayut

Hey everybody, so I’m sure you’ve noticed my channel has taken a slightly different direction in the past few weeks-I’m looking to feature talented Israeli women in between my own solo projects. It’s one of my big passions and one of the thing that really belongs to the #rockonmama hashtag- that women and moms can continue to be wonderful musicians and to share their music with the world despite how crazy everything can be! I don’t know exactly what that means for the future of my channel, of course I will be playing originals and covers on here as well, but I just want to be featuring women. So I have a few ideas for talented instrumentalists that I know, and I hope that you enjoy! And if you are a talented woman performer, please reach out to see if we can do something together!