Come Home (Leah’s Prayer)

Son, understand me
I do it all.
But sometimes your mother
has no voice left.
Answer me
Who responds at time of mercy

My son, please forgive me
I want to scream
until the sea opens
and He will answer
He will answer me in troubled times

Do you remember father
Ironing your uniform?
Look at me now
screaming in front of these people

I’m calling you
to come home
come home

A mothers’ prayer
A Fathers’ Prayer
A prayer in blue and white

Hear me
come home

Because we’ve been waiting for hours
days and nights
So come home

My merciful G-d
the break is so great
I collect every cue and every sign
and at night
my heart counts the minutes

Beloved son, look at me
Leah’s prayer rises up
my every breath goes out to you
and with immense belief
it opens the locked gate

In the light of your face
ever since we are going
until you come back
Until the end of time