The prophet Samuel inaugurates the Monarchy in the land of Israel. He is opposed to Monarchy because he realizes that Kings sometimes abuse their power. Nevertheless, he hearkens to the prophecy that the Lord has given him- and he inaugurates Saul.

Saul was a great man both physically and spiritually. He was incredibly free from sin. It turns out to be a failed Monarchy- Saul fails to follow Samuel’s exact advice in the war against Amalek.

David, who is a friend of Saul’s son Jonathan, is chosen to be the next King. David is a person of enourmous talents- warrior, a poet, a holy person, and a great human being.

David finally conquers the Philistines, and unites all the tribes of Israel. He establishes Jerusalem and the City of David. He wants to build the Temple, but is unable to do so because of his many battles. Even though David was a great person and gathered all the materials- the Temple is not built through the sword or through the blood of others. Therefore David’s son Solomon is the one who will build the Temple.

David dies at the age of 70. His legacy is enourmous. He is the author of the Psalms and eventually the Messiah will come from his bloodline.