This is a Reaction video from myself – Yishai Fleisher of Hebron. The video consists of Ben Shapiro and Andrew Tate talking separately on the Piers Morgan Show about the Israel Hamas War.

0:00-0:30 Andrew Tate Attacks
0:30-2:00 Ben Shapiro Claps Back
2:00-2:30 Yishai Fleisher Responds

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Yishai Fleisher is the International Spokesperson for the Jewish community of Hebron. He is also Contributing Editor at and a broadcaster on the Yishai is a frequent columnist for major English language news and analysis websites in Israel including Breitbart Jerusalem, Jerusalem Post, Israel HaYom, and more.

Yishai is the founder and director of ‘Kumah’, a nonprofit organization in Israel and the United States that works to enhance the world’s connection to Israel and strengthen Israel’s national character. Yishai holds a JD from Cardozo Law and rabbinic ordination from Kollel Agudat Achim. Yishai served as a Paratrooper in the IDF and continues to participate in an elite battlefield reserve unit.