What`s the best Turkish shawarma in Jerusalem? Today, Jerusalem`s best-loved viral food critic and social commentator Shimshon Sam Leshinsky convened a meetup in order to find out.

Shimshon directed the way to three of the newest and best Turkish shawarma (kebab) establishments in the city: Aka, Turki, and Mitzle.

Restaurant 1: Aka (אקה), (HaShikma St. 6, Jerusalem) (03:22)
Restaurant 2: Turkishuk (Shuk Mahane Yehuda) (06:53)
Restaurant 3: Mitzle (Jaffa St. 105, Jerusalem) (10:38)

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== Timestamps: ==

00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Shimshon convenes a Q&A session
02:29 – Group sets off for first restaurant
02:43 – Shimshon explains the significance of the name `Aka`
03:22 – Aka owner explains their dishes (Hebrew)
05:12 – Max from Brooklyn offers his opinion on Aka`s meat
05:38 – Interview with Yossi, proprietor, Aka
06:53 – Turkishuk (stop two on the shawarma meetup)
07:17 – Dor explains the uniqueness of their dishes (Hebrew)
08:18 – Max gives his reaction on Turkishuk`s shawarma
08:50 – Shimshon gives his reaction to Turkishuk
10:00 – Shimshon introduces Mitzle (מצלה)
10:38 – Mizle intro
11:10 – Shimshon gives his verdict on Mitzle`s shawarma

== Music ==

All music courtesy of YouTube audio library:

Hannon (Jeremy Black)
No Need To Share (Single Friend)
Kul Riddim (Konrad OldMoney)

== Credits ==

Camera 1: Daniel Rosehill
Camera 2: Marcus James
Editing/postproduction: Daniel Rosehill
Food reviewer: Shimshon Sam Leshinsky

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== Production ==

Camera 1: Canon Vixia HF R800 (Saramonic Cam Mic Plus)
Camera 2: Canon EOS 50 (internal microphone)