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When Meaningful Minute heard that Bracha Jaffe and Chaya Kogan were performing in London, our team member Naomi to show you what it’s like at an all-womens concert by two of the biggest female singers in the Jewish world.

It was an evening where woman of all ages joined, to sing, dance and pray with one another.

Bracha Jaffe is mother of five and works as a nurse practitioner and star singer. Jaffe began performing for local women’s events as a pregnant newlywed in while in nursing school. In line with her strict interpretation of Jewish law, Jaffe sings only with an all-female band and plays only for all-female audiences. Her music videos are watched by thousands of women around the world and also is a vocal coach to young girls such as Esther Krohn, who joined her on stage.

The singer/songwriter Chaya Kogan was born in Australia. When she was 10 years old her family made aliyah and moved to Israel.
As she got older she felt the need to put out modern jewish women’s music so women and girls would not have to look for modern music outside of the jewish world. Since then she has released an album of original jewish pop songs in English and Hebrew and popular music videos. She performs all over the world and inspires woman to be proud of their heritage.

Special thanks to Hannah Flax (@hlflax), the event organiser, for proving us with backstage access.

The event was sponsored by: @chazakuk @jteensupport @tyhashem @simoncowenproductions @flowersbymiri @houseoflancry @idesign_interiors @Shmeichal

Follow the artists on social media: @brachajaffemusic @chayakogan_official & Esther Krohn

Video produced and edited by Naomi Abigail Garfinkel