Jews for Jesus and other Jewish messianic movements claim people can believe in core Christian tenets and still be Jewish. Their followers use this assertion to lure Jews to Christianity. However, the Christian theological concepts promoted by such movements, like belief in Jesus as God, the son of God, and the Messiah, Man as created in Sin, the Christian conception of Hell, and the New Testament as divinely inspired, categorically run counter to Jewish beliefs.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Roman occupation of Judea
01:32 Miracle workers and would-be messiahs
02:32 Early Christianity
02:45 Christianity vs. Judaism
02:55 19th century Jewish converts to Christianity
03:10 Messianic Judaism
03:36 Origins of Jews for Jesus
04:50 Luring Jews to Christianity
05:20 Theology of Jews for Jesus
07:02 Downplaying Christian theology
07:54 Christian missionary work & Christian-Jewish relations
08:10 Jewish resources combatting Jews for Jesus

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