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Have you ever been manipulated by a 3-year-old? I’m not ashamed to admit I have. In this episode, I look at the eighth commandment, “Lo tignov,” “Do not steal.” But the kind of theft I chose to explore isn’t your typical petty theft. I learned there’s actually more to this commandment than meets the eye.

00:00 Is manipulation inherently bad?
01:39 The Eighth of the Ten Commandments – Do Not Steal
01:58 The Sforno and 3 kinds of stealing
02:23 What does it mean to “steal thoughts”?
02:38 Rabbi Yosef Caro and manipulating the positive impression of others
03:30 Why is manipulation so bad?
04:43 To steal from someone is to objectify them
05:47 Martin Buber’s “I-Thou” paradigm
06:48 The 10 Commandments: the recipe for living a meaningful life
06:59 Is it ever okay to manipulate others?
07:38 Outro

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Executive Producers:
Shalom Schwartz
Nitzan Bergman

Gold Level:
Lauren & Ezra Kest
Charles Crane Family Foundation
In loving memory of Ezriel ben David z”l
Moshal Family

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MB Family

This video was co-produced by The Aseret Movement and OpenDor Media. The Aseret Movement is devoted to introducing and teaching people, regardless of affiliation, to the Ten Commandments as a simple and profound way to live a meaningful life. For more information go to
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