While right-wing antisemitism can be easy to spot, there is a growing phenomenon among some left-wing activists who are promoting antisemitic tropes and stereotypes in the name of social justice. Armed with the assumption that the historically persecuted Jewish minority constitutes a “privileged” group, some social justice movements have begun to institute litmus tests for Jews in left-wing spaces, demanding that they denounce Israel before they can join the fight for other progressive causes.

00:00 Intro
01:08 The antisemitism paradox
02:09 Erasure of unique identity
03:52 Do Jews have white privilege?
05:36 Do Jews uphold white supremacy?
07:15 Ideological purity test for Jews
07:34 Antisemitism on the Progressive Left
08:29 Are Jews allowed to care about social justice?
08:57 Defining identity

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