A powerful evening with 8 of the best cantors today, sing in Unity for Israel.

This finale completed what was an amazing concert of cantorial and Jewish music, singing songs of solidarity and prayer for our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Very much needed funds were raised for the families of the 1500 victims of the latest attacks on Israel.

The star studded lineup included Cantors Yaakov Lemmer, Zevi Muller, Yoel Kohn, Aryeh Leib Hurwitz, Yossi Pomorantz, Berel Zucker, Nissim Saal, and Cantor Yaakov Motzen who directly after the concert was on his way to Israel together with the OU’s ‘mission to Israel’.

More videos to be posted soon.

In this medley:

0:00 Shir Hamalos (Rosenblatt)
1:30 Acheinu (Rotenberg)
4:03 Ani Maamin (Fastag)
6:43 Sheyibone Beis Hamikdash Finale