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Celebrate Passover with your favorite new (and only) Jewish prayer Punk band, Chabad Religion! Chag sameach to you and yours from production team (band) D-Composers, featuring Fat Mike of NOFX, Yotam Ben Horin of Useless ID, Baz the Frenchman and John E Carey of Old Man Markley.

00:00 Hashkivenu
01:46 Hineh Ma Tov
02:54 Lecha Dodi
04:29 Mizmor Shir
06:31 Adon Olam
07:59 Shma Israel
08:08 Or Zarua
09:18 Tzadik Ketamar
10:08 Shalom Achelem
11:19 Oseh Shalom

Originally released April 2020