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Performed by Devorah Schwartz
Composed by Chayala Neuhaus
Directed by Michal Hartman

Chana’s Song is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and many other streaming stations.

Piano: Chayala Neuhaus
Violin: Lydia Poluk
Harp: Rivka Nahari
Ballerina: Leah Vann
Candelabras: Chaya Bromberg CreativeTablescapes
White gown: Silver Sequin
Makeup: Chana Hertz
Hair: Chassi Meisner Shades of Waves
PA: Sarah Weisz
Filmed by
Kevin Dynia
Moishe Finkelstein
Libby Schwartz

Edited by
Arielle Koegal
Mazal Shak

Recorded by: cnotestudios
Arrangement: Jeff Horovitch
Violin: Ariella Zeitlan
Mixed: Doni Gross
Cd cover: Newmarketing Creative

Chana’s Song ©️ Devorah Schwartz
video © Vision & Hart

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