We are so excited to share our latest Channukah hit with you! We hope this will warm up those dark winter nights as our candles burn bright!

Original Songs:
Sing – Pentatonix
Happy – Pharrel Williams
Maoz Tzur

Video by Daniel Malchi
Musical Direction by Betzalel Silver
Music Production by Noah Bar-Shain
Lyrical adaptation by Daniel Brill and Betzalel Silver

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It doesn`t matter if your days are long (sing)
It doesn`t matter if your night`s gone wrong (sing)
AL HANISIM, AL HAPURKAN, (just) sing it (whoa, sing)

Its Chanukah again, you know it well (sing)
Get up and dance, just feel that beat and sing it (whoa, sing)

I don`t know what you`ve been told
But doughnuts make you lose control

Sing, sing, sing, sing
Sing it out as hard as you can
Make `em hear from JERUSALEM
Don`t let `em bring you down
This is how we do it now
Go and roll those dreidels proud

Sing, sing, sing, sing
Sing it with your hands in the sky
Light it up like you`re RABOTAI
Don`t let `em bring you down
You know what I`m talking `bout
Just sing it..

(Because I`m happy)
Ma`oz tzur yeshu`ati lecha na`eh leshabei`ach,
(Because I`m happy)
Tikon beit tefilati vesham todah nezabei`ach,
(Because I`m happy)
Le`eit tachin matbei`ach mitzar hamenabei`ach,
(Because I`m happy)
Az egmor beshir mizmor chanukat hamizbei`aaaaaach.

Oohhh ohhh ohhhh

Let me hear you sing