Join with the Jkids kids to wonderful Chanukah song !


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Chanukah- fire and light 🔥

On the table it’s stand so tall
A Menorah tells as all
Our special history
miracles and victory

Dreidel, Dreidel, tell me the way
how the children, how they prayed
They where little, they where strong
so together sing along
they won couse-

!Fire! Fire! Fire
in our soul
and the Torah wins it all
Yes, together we ignite
here inside a special light

!Light! Light! Light
to shine, to spark
Fight! Fight! Fight!
defeat the dark
every good deed that I di
lights the world for me and you

Another good deed
Another flame
Love above
From Hashem
Care and give
The best way to live
The light is here
Geulah is here!