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This past year has been a crazy one for us all. Corona has changed the way people view the world and their personal lives.
It really put everything into perspective, and has made us learn to appreciate what`s really important in life.
I think everyone has come to realize that even if we`ve planned out our whole life, our dream wedding, or even the next day, the outcome could be very different than anything we could have imagined.
G-D, the king of all kings is the one who decides what, when and how things will happen. He has a plan for each and every one of us.
Let`s not only remember him when hardships come along, and we realize that we have no one else to turn to.
Let`s remember to thank him for all the good he gives us daily.
Wishing you all only reasons to be thankful for.
❤ Chaya

Song credits:
Vocal recording by:
& Tenor Studios

Arrangement, Mix and Mastering:
Sruli Broncher

Video credits:
Videoed at: Synthy Media studios- Adi Netaneli
Script writer and Editor: Tzippy Cheshin
Ruti Shapiro- Director
Children Illustration – Miri Deitch

Australia- Aliza Michael, Jessa Michael, Aurelie Behar
Israel- Jezliah
Russia: Ilana Yeruslavski, Rachel Gross
Mexico: Chani Caplin, Zeydi Angelica Moo Paredes, Andrea Medina, Sofía Medina
England: Yachit Tiefenbrun, Chefzi Gorman
France- Basi Mishulovin, Shirha Cohen Suchayek
Dubai: Hadas Atias, Avishag Atias
Children: Talia Kishon, Tamar Kishon, Rivka Kogan, Avi Kogan, Soshi Kogan, Yocheved Kogan

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According to jewish tradition, men aren`t permitted to hear women sing (Who aren`t immediate family).
Being on the internet open to everyone, I kindly request your consideration for my religious practice.
I create my music “By women for women”.
Thank you!

“EIN OD MILVADO” originally sung by Mordechai Shapiro:

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חיים טובים
ימים יפים
פרנסה איז גוט
אפילו חופשה לפעמים
ילדים מביאים לנו נחת לרוב
כולם בריאים יש שמחות מזל טוב
מדהים לראות איך הכול מסתדר
ושום דבר לא חסר

ורק בזמן שקשה נביט למעלה
למה שלא נבין שהוא אחראי כאן לכל
הוא את הכול ברא
לטוב ולא לרע
הוא האלוקים הוא מלך מלכי המלכים

אין עוד מלבדו
אין עוד מלבדו
אין עוד מלבדו
אין עוד אין עוד

Girls you think you got it under control
You`re on a roll living it up
Living your dreams
But when it all goes bust at the seams
Then you scream and cry
To the One on high
He`s been here from the beginning
When you felt like you were winning
He was calling all the shots
He gave you all that you got Woooh
So when you`re low just you know
He`s up above and down below
So shout it out with me
Let`s go