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Written and composed by: DeScribe a.k.a. Shneur Hasofer
Recorded at: Tenor studios
Arranged by: Sruli Broncher
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Mixing and Mastering: Eli Klein
Graphics: Avi Lavi


I can’t believe, I slept in, what’s the time?
It must be late
Last night I must have left my cellphone off
Or on vibrate
Burnt a hole in my new crisp white shirt
Can’t find my other shoe
Where are my keys? I need to go
I’ll miss my interview

I’m feeling confused
It can’t be right
They say it’s all good
I can’t see why
When all of my plans just start to fail
I gotta just stop, breath in …..exhale
It’s all good it’s all good
It’s alright
I trust in You, coz You give me life
I feel that heartbeat in my chest
And I know it’s all for the best
Coz you’re always by my side
You’re always by my
Yeah you’re always by my
Yeah you’re always by my
Always by my side

Like perfect chaos orchestrated
Man that domino effect
I watched my future fade
Just like a beautiful sunset
Plus, I had to stop
At every light
Could it get any worse?
When suddenly I heard a bang
I think my tire burst

Chorus: I’m feeling confused…

And now I’m home, what a day
It seems like such a fail
I sit down and just want to
Analyze every detail
When suddenly I hear my phone
Ring in the other room
The job called back I’m hired
I know it was always You!