This song was recorded in honor of my daughter Rivka’s 12th birthday- her Bat Mitzva.
When a Jewish girl turns 12 years old, according to the Torah she becomes a woman and is mature enough to take responsibility for her own spiritual actions.

This song is a mother’s prayer to her daughter.

Eventually, every child grows up and leaves the nest, but we pray that our children will go in the right direction, on the tracks that we built for them, in order to show them the way. And even though they choose their own path, no matter what, we will always be there for them.
May our children always be guided in the right direction.

Chaya Kogan
According to jewish tradition, men aren’t permitted to hear women sing (Who aren’t immediate family). Being on the internet open to everyone, I kindly request your consideration for my religious practice. I create my music “By women for women”.
Thank you!