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How did an accidental neighbors’ conflict become one of the most exciting events the State of Israel has ever known? Thus began the events of Yehud, which intensified the firing of live weapons and the confession of Molotov cocktails on and out of a house in the center of the country as huge police forces surrounded it. An entire country encouraged by the Israeli media in a storm following Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and his followers who call from within a house in Yehud for the establishment of a state commission of inquiry into the abduction of Yemeni and Balkan children

“The Meshulam Riddle” combines plot drama with documentary archive footage and testimonies of the main characters who accompanied Uzi Meshulam in his life. The series provides first-hand evidence of many of those involved in the affair over the years and of people who have dealt and continue to deal with the story of the disappearance of the children of East Yemen and the Balkans in the 1950s – a story that continues to stir the country 70 years later.

Episode 2: The events in Yehud escalate, after a compromise was reached the agreement explodes and even larger forces narrow on the house, what started as a small and aggravating marginal event to a national event involving all the top officials and police chiefs, how did the events turn into bloodshed? And how did the prolonged siege of the house end?

Episode 3 (Final): Coming soon