Travel Israel in 24 hours? Challenge accepted! Chloé and Renny experience the craziest day of their lives and the most epic trip EVER – 24 hours to travel Israel! It’s like Birthright on speed! They crammed in all the coolest cultural adventures and encounters.

Their travel vlog shows all the fun they had doing awesome touristy and native-Israeli activities, like *hitting the wine tasting scene*, *making shakshuka for breakfast*, *solving the Middle East conflict with an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Preschool*, *flying across the longest zipline in the Middle East* and *reclaiming their Judaism at a Secular Yeshiva* – all before lunch time!

And there’s more! Chloé and Renny had so much fun traveling around Israel that we made a whole series about their Israel road trip adventures! Watch Chloé and Renny’s 24 hours in Israel video blog vlog series:

Chloé + Renny: Day Drinking in Israel

Chloe + Renny: Bring Peace to the Middle East

Chloe + Renny: Ziplining is Awesome!

Chloe + Renny: Tel Aviv Surf School

Read our blog about making the Chloé + Renny travel film series:

This video stars:
Chloé Valdary, Jerusalem U Director of Partnerships and Outreach
Renny Grinshpan, local actress and comedian

This video was made possible thanks to the Jewish National Fund Boruchin Center.