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#10: Do Not Covet

In today’s episode, Noey explores whether the idea of jealousy has gotten a bad rap or not. Turns out, envy may actually be a great way to motivate us to push forward. While he may not be the most avid gym enthusiast, Noey learns to channel his jealousy of Muscle Mike into motivation to get back into fitness.

#9: Do Not Testify Falsely

Is lying always a bad thing? While Noey has admittedly told a white lie or two to get out of awkward situations, he wonders if lying is actually ok.
In today’s vlog episode of “The Big Ten,” Noey investigates whether the ninth commandment, “Do not testify as a false witness against your neighbor,” is still relevant in 2023 and how getting into the habit of lying can impact larger areas of life.

#8: Do Not Steal

Have you ever been manipulated by a 3-year-old? Noey isn’t ashamed to admit he has. In this episode, Noey looks at the 8th Commandment, “lo tignov,” do not steal. But the kind of theft being explored today isn’t your typical petty theft. As it turns out, there’s more to this commandment than meets the eye.