Tipul Zugi- Intimate and authentic documentation of couple therapy, from Kan. Over the course of six months, four couples met with psychologist Sharon Baram Wolowski, with the aim of rebuilding, and sometimes even saving, the relationship. This docuseries reveals the familiar complexities of any long-term relationship.

About the couples:

Tamar and Agmon – a doctor and high-tech man from the far north who are in an acute relationship crisis on the verge of dissolution.

Natalie and Moshiko – A juggler and a book by Ramla, which is in chapter two, arrives about a year after the birth of the second son and a crisis of depression after Natalie’s birth.

Rinat and Emanuel – a deaf, hardworking religious woman and teacher who is dealing with a relationship full of good will but without any experience and preparation.

Hadas and Lior – he owns an amplification company, she works with him, comes to maintain a relationship that works but squeaks and learns how important it is that they came.

“Couples Therapy” is an Israeli adaptation of the “Time Couples Therapy” series of the Show Time network and is produced by “July-August Productions” (“Sorry for the Question”, “80 and Four”). “Couples Therapy” first aired in 2019 and received rave reviews.