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Anna Solinsky, an average high school student from Ashkelon and a waitress at “Fish on the Roof”, becomes an overnight sensation after Ariana Grande shares her TikTok. Anna receives an offer to become an international star, including a shiny new life overseas. Everything sounds perfect until she realizes that everything is not as simple as it seems.

When an offer for a career overseas arrives Anna has to choose between fulfilling her dream and fulfilling the dream of her genius sister Alex.

Anna embarks on a new and challenging path, but discovers that the obstacles are not over when Gili tells her some very disturbing news. Adam discovers that Shimmy Dagon is not just any Dagon, and shares the findings with Alex.

Avitar Ozeri is taking pictures for the first time for a TV series, and he doesn’t really know how to do it yet. In a special behind-the-scenes episode of “Flying on Anna” the stars of the series will give advice and tips to the beginning actor.