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Malach Mashchit (destroying Angel), is a hot new Israeli horror series, following a murderous demon who sows disaster and destruction in the Hasidic community in modern Jerusalem.

At the center of the series is a murderous demon who sows disaster and destruction in the Hasidic community in today’s Jerusalem. A pair of demon hunters, – Malki Price, an orthodox psychologist, and Beer, a physicist and a staunch secularist – team up to unravel the secret of the appearance of the malevolent demon. Their investigation will lead them into the intricacies of Hasidic mysticism, examine the foundations of Malki’s faith and Beer’s rationalism, and confront them with an unimaginable evil.

The series uses the suspense and supernatural genre to explore fears of sexuality and masculinity within a religious community, as well as the ongoing battle between religion and modernity.

“Destroying Angel” was created by Noah Stollman (“The Boys” HBO, “Fauda” Netflix), Abigail Ben Dor Niv, together with TV Academy award-winning TV director Oded Davidoff (“Smoke Changes” HOT, “The Exchange Principle” HOT) who directed the series. The screenplay was written by Noah Stollman and Abigail Ben Dor Niv.

Episode 1: Beer is invited to a police investigation following a horrific murder in Mea Shearim. Malki says goodbye to Rishi, her beloved patient, even though she suspects Rishi is not entirely well.

Episode 2: Beer is connected to another death case in Mea Shearim and asks for the help of Yishai, a friend from the distant past. Malki is called to a Hasidic home in Mea Shearim where a girl named Roch’Leah is going through what appears to be abuse at the hands of a rabbi.

Episode 3: Despite Ita’s warnings, Malki brings Ruchela to the institution in order to treat her. Roch’leah’s strange behavior leads Melki and Beer to an unruly woman named Yida Shatz, who disappeared from her home recently.

Episode 4: Shmuel Moshe Kalman tries to comfort Malki but causes her discomfort. Roch’Leah disappears from the institution and appears at Nami’s clinic, and when Be’er and Malki arrive to pick her up, they experience another frightening outburst of the girl.

Episode 5: In the past, young Dov-Ber and her friend run away from Mea Shearim and start a life together in the secular world. And in the present, Beer continues to search for her friend in an attempt to unravel the connection between her and the chilling events that plague Mea Shearim.

Episode 6: The search for a friend leads Melki and Beer to Safed, and to Shoshani’s house, who reveals to them disturbing details about her friend Shatz that are also related to Beer.

Episode 7: Shmuel Moshe Kalman harasses Melki and threatens her continued life in the community. Yishai’s daughter Nehmi starts behaving strangely, and Beer comes to her aid. She evokes in Be’er memories of his tragic past with a friend, and finally leads him to her friend herself.

Episode 8 (Final): Baer, ​​Malki and Giovanni organize an expulsion ceremony in a desperate attempt to save Nachami from the clutches of the murderous field.