Dance Medley 2023

Get ready to be blown away by this electrifying new dance clip featuring singer Mendy Shapiro accompanied by musician Mendy Kraus.

Originating from Israel and now residing in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, Mendy Shapiro has wowed wedding audiences with his energetic presence and standout voice. His popularity has led him to perform at numerous weddings and events across the tri-state area and beyond. Mendy performs on a nightly basis, ensuring that each event is one of a kind.

Mendy Kraus, raised in Brooklyn, has rapidly established himself as a prominent figure in the music scene. In just three years, he has already performed on stages of more than 200 weddings, constantly leaving audiences in awe of his distinct music style and energy. His popularity has elevated him to the status of one of the most sought-after musicians.

Now, the two have joined together in producing a selection of their personal favorites for you to enjoy.

Put those dancing shoes on, and share the joy with family and friends!

Simcha Shleima (Moshe Klein) 0:15
Tefila (Omer Adam) 2:22
Mazal Tov (Eli Marcus) 4:27
Dukshitzer Nigun (Chabad) 6:24
Music arranged and conducted by: Mendy Kraus
Vocalist: Mendy shapiro
Video by: Yossi Sofer of Y.S Studio
Video edit: Shmuel Hadad
Audio post mix – Yonah Greenblatt
Final mix & Mastering: Dani Flam
Stage Manager / Lighting : Shneor Sobol
Thumbnail design: Mendy Amiti

Special thanks to:
Dani Flam of “The NY Brass”, Jesse Klirsfeld, Ron Bertolet, Chaim D. Deutsch, Rephael Fakiro, Avi Singolda, Sholem Srugo, R’ Shmuel Eidelman, Moishy Goldstein, Aron Sirota.

For booking:
Mendy Shapiro:
call/text/whatsapp: 347-770-0212
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Mendy Kraus Music:
call/text/whatsapp: 347-770-2817
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