Benny Friedman sings a song of strength and hope with a message of love for the people of Israel from its brothers and friends across the world. This is an updated version of the hit song that took Klal Yisroel by storm at the outset of the Ukraine War in 2022.

Composed by Heshy Walfish
Recorded on JEP 1 as Dear Nikolai with Lyrics by Chesky Kornfeld.
Updated Lyrics by Chayala Neuhaus with Dovi Safer
Produced & Arranged by Doni Gross
Executive Producer / Concept – Dovi Safer / Blumstein Brothers
Performed by Benny Friedman

I know you’re thinking – what can I do
With so many Jewish lives at stake
In truth the power lies with you
And the world of a difference you can make
The strength of armies the roar of tanks
Are never the force in control
For nothing stirs Hashem’s rachamim
Like pure Ahavas Yisroel
A cry piercing the souls
Of Jews truly exiled
But yet, we’re Jews of courage
Whose faith is stronger than war
Your love is keeping us whole
Hearts joined across the ocean
I feel you’re right here with me
Supporting your holy brother
With love your dear brother