Your double standards towards the Israel-Palestine issue is glaring for all to see. Hila Oz gives her Hot Take for J-TV.

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  • Human Rights Watch is not a perfect organization (there is no such thing as a perfect person, political party, or organization). Despite the fact that it’s possibly the most credible human rights organization in the world, I don’t preclude thinking that there is room for improvement within HRW.

    In Israel/Palestine, Human Rights Watch has been mostly focused on documenting atrocities and war crimes by all three sides of the armed conflict (Fatah, Hamas, and the Israeli Defence Forces). Human Rights Watch accompanies any accusation of a human rights violation with proof or thorough evidence that the accusation is true.

    This being said, the video above does not even resemble an honest, fact-based, detailed analysis of HRW’s shortcomings. If anything, it appears to be a hateful, absurd, and schizophrenic emotional outburst against HRW’s staff and the Palestinian people. In my opinion, video closely resembles what one sees on Russian television nowadays, or what one would see on Serbian television in the 1990s.

    We mustn’t forget that arguments nearly identical to this video were used by Slobodan Milošević (former president of Serbia and convicted war criminal) to excuse ethnic cleansing in Kosovo (arguments such as “[such-and-such area] is the native homeland and holy land of [such-and-such ethnic group], and therefore [such-and-such other ethnic group] doesn’t deserve the right to live there”).

    I’d like to conclude this by stating that I am certain that Ms’Oz’s nonsensical opinions do not represent the views of all Israelis or all people of Jewish descent (such as myself).

    I’d strongly recommend that you remove this shameful video from your site.