Description: ​​Despite a life of murder, theft, and violence,, Jewish mobsters, aka the “Kosher mob,” played an important role in fighting Nazi movements in 20th-century United States and in helping establish the State of Israel. So how should we feel about these mobsters? Were they heroes, monsters, or something in between?

00:00 Intro
00:39 20th century Jewish immigration to America
01:31 Bootlegging in the Prohibition Era
02:17 Samuel “Red” Levine, Orthodox hitman
02:55 Bugsy Siegel
03:51 Meyer Lansky
04:17 Murder, Inc
04:43 The murder of Bugsy Siegel
05:35 Jewish mobsters as Jewish models of strength
06:12 Jewish mobsters fought American Nazis
09:43 Jewish mobsters sent money & smuggled weapons Jews in Palestine
11:17 Were Jewish mobsters heroes or monsters?
11:57 How should we respond to 21st century antisemitism?

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