The Second Temple was lacking in “The Holy Spirit”. It did not have prophecy, there has been no prophecy since the prophet Malachi. Due to this, it was much harder to have leadership and direction, so corruption ensues and spirituality declined.

The Eternal Flame of the First Temple did not exist in the Second Temple. This symbolized a lack of Torah and connection to G-d. We still have a reminder in Jewish synagogues of the Eternal Flame, called a “ner Tamid.”

The Ark of the Covenant was also missing from the Second Temple since Jeremiah buried it somewhere. This included the 10 commandments. We do have a tradition that it will eventually be rediscovered.

Due to this, the Holy of Holies was essentially empty, aside from the Foundation Stone.

Nowadays, it is debatable where the Rock is exactly.

Physically, the Second Temple was also lacking in materials and grandeur. However- it was rebuilt many times in the 420 years that it stood. It was rebuilt by the Hasmoneans, and it was rebuilt by Herod. Herod’s Temple was actually physically more beautiful than Solomon’s.

Despite it’s renovation and rejuvenation, the Second Temple was ultimately destroyed by the Roman conquest in 70 C.E. Due to this, the Jews enter into a long and continuing exile.