“Behind A Screen”, The Debut release from Doniel Daitchman, is a song describing the emotional stress that one`s phone usage can have on his or her family. While waiting at a Doctor`s office with his son, Doniel observed a young child trying to show his father something he had built, and called out “daddy, daddy” over and over while the father continued using his phone. Only after the son began to yell “DAD” did the father look up and give a quick smile, and immediately he returned to what he was doing.

We all have a responsibility to those around us. We need to remember to give our children, our spouses, parents or friends all of the emotional attention they deserve. Our relationships can be so much stronger and meaningful If we begin to Live Above The Screen. In other words, to put our relationships with humans above the relationship we have with our phone.

#DonielDaitchman is in Kollel in Somerton, Philadelphia where he is fortunate to have the opportunity to perform his songs to audiences of all ages. Doniel has been composing and performing his original compositions for audiences from America to Israel, and looks forward to releasing more of his music for all to enjoy.