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A wide-ranging discussion with author & international broadcaster Douglas Murray, on the questions: Why the Media Lie – The Liberal Left –  Antisemitism, modern and ancient – The Future in Israel.



00:00 Introduction and Personal Connection

00:38 Interview with Douglas Murray

06:50 Journalistic Bias and Bigotry

09:40 Media Coverage of Israel-Palestine Conflict

11:37 Displacement of Israeli Families

14:30 Impact of Advocacy and Truth

21:33 Denial and Response to Terrorism

22:41 Complacency and Strategic Thinking

24:35 Israel’s Technological Advantages

25:24 Living with Rockets

26:21 Deprogramming Hate

27:48 Education and De-Radicalization

29:40 The Insoluble Problem

30:09 The Future of Palestine

31:28 Anti-Semitism and Humanity

32:27 Anti-Semitism on Campuses

33:20 Sinister and Stupid Anti-Semitism

34:29 The Disappearance of Adults

35:25 Liberalism and Judaism

36:18 Two Types of Liberalism

37:09 The Rise of Anti-Semitism

38:08 The Perception of Jews

39:04 The Danger of Open Borders

40:27 Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe

41:18 Anti-Semitism and Liberalism

42:37 Anti-Semitism as a Reality

43:06 Decency and Solidarity

45:32 Running for Public Office

46:28 Supporting Threatened MPs