Dovid Haziza Feat. Avi Perets – Shir HaChuppa (Official Music Video) OUT NOW!

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After his renowned hits have hit multiple platforms, Dovid sets to release his first chuppa song. Joined by Avi Perets, Shir HaChuppa was inspired by the spiritual connection Hashem has in a new marriage of a Chatan and Kallah. The song walks through the overflowing blessings that is experienced over the course of a marriage.
It is no coincidence that this beautiful song is being released the last day of Chanuka. A day that has much light and blessings coming from it ,will surely bring miracles to fruition and draw a deep connection with the one above.

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Dovid Haziza Management: Nachman Lasry
A special thank you to Yehuda Azoulay of Sephardic Legacy Series.

:קרדיט שיר
מילים גל שריג
לחן רן אביב
עיבוד והפקה מוסיקאלית: דודו קומה
תופים : אבי אבידני
בס : ערן זילברברג
גטרות: נועם בורג חרגול
פסנתר : רן אביב
כלי הקשה: ניר שלום
כלי נשיפה : גרגיי ברצה
כינורות : חן שנהר
מיקס : יהודה תמיר
עריכה דיגיטאלית : רון תיכון

Credits for Song:
Composed by- Gal Sarig & Ran Aviv
Produced by – Dudu Koma
Guitars- Noam Borg Chargol
Vocals- Lounge studios NYC
Mixed and mastered by- Yehuda Tamir
Management- Lasry management
Graphics – Yechiel Landman

Credits for Video:
Directed and produced by Dovid Haziza
Videography – Luca
Quartet- the Rose Quartet
Thumbnail – Yechiel Landman

Another Special thanks to Eli Geller

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