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A new drama about the real estate jungle in East Jerusalem. Land dealer Momi Ben Dahan will do anything to close real estate deals in East Jerusalem, as he seeks to protect his autistic daughter Maya. The series was selected as one of the 6 international drama series worth watching in 2023.

Episode 1: Momi arrives in the dead of night in the Silwan neighborhood in order to redeem a property he purchased from the Arab Halawa family. Maya has to prove that she is qualified to enlist in the IDF for a special track for soldiers with special needs.

Episode 2: Issam has disappeared and Momi is afraid that his pursuers will reach his wife and children. At the same time, he exerts tremendous pressure on the Greek Patriarch to sell him a hotel belonging to the church. Maya starts working as a waitress in a neighborhood shawarma stand.

Episode 3: The secret of Alice, the mother of Boutros, the patriarch’s “altar boy”, is revealed. Maya enters a deep crisis after Esti, who cares for her art, leaves. Asher (Ashraf) is sent on a mission at the hotel.

Episode 4: Ashraf is looking for Keren who blew him off in the middle of the date without success. The association refuses to approve the hotel deal due to its exorbitant price, but Momi does not accept the evil of the decree. The Patriarch flew to Greece for his sick mother, and in his absence Sophronius leads a liturgy.