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Creating this dance tutorial was so much fun and I can’t wait for you to learn this dance with us!

So many of you have sent me videos of you dancing to my music video I Believe in Me, that it inspired me to make an official dance tutorial in honor of my latest cover Ein Od Milvado!

So get up! Learn this dance, AND…you can even submit videos of you doing the dance and I will repost my favorites on my instagram page.
Please send videos to or DM them on insta to @devorahschwartzofficial .

Can’t to to see them!!

You can find my song “Ein Od Milvado Cover
” by Devorah Schwartz on all streaming platforms!

Dance Choreography by Rhonda Malkin
Original Song Ein Od Milvado by @Mordechai Shapiro
Cover sung by @Devorah Schwartz OFFICIAL
Lyrics by Chayala Neuhaus
Mixed and Mastered by Cnotestudios
Video by Baruch Reiss
Girls Wardrobe by Junee Jr

Special thanks to these wonderful girls that did an excellent job!