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With Everything going on around the world, the one phrase that is truly undeniable, the one phrase that brings us comfort is Ein Od Milvado- There Is None Besides Him.

Everyday we search for answers instead of realizing, and coming to the conclusion that Hashem runs the world. If we can accept the fact that Hashem is in complete control, that he loves us unconditionally, and that he only wants the best for us no matter the circumstance, then perhaps we can all find peace. So turn your systems up, I hope you enjoy this song, and just know that everything will be ok.

It always is..


Composed, Performed, & Co-Arranged by Sochi Majeski
Co-Arranged by Jason Goldglancz
Produced, & Mixed by Jason Goldglancz at Gold Records, LLC Woodmere NY
Guitars, & Programming: Jason Goldglancz
Violin: Earl Maneein
Saxophone-: Sam Lowinger
Acoustic Drums: Gal Gershovsky
Backup Vocals: Aryeh Kuntsler
Mastered: Jake Antelis
Cover Design: Aryeh Kuntsler

Sponsored by Moshe & Rivky Majeski @ The Moshe Group

L’eila Nishmas Ephraim Dov Ber Ben Yakov Yehuda.

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