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Presented to you by Devorah Schwartz and Chayala Neuhaus.

Devorah: Ahhh! So excited to drop this cover! I absolutely love it and psyched to share it!

Chayala: Me too! I love how it came out! This song style is definitely different than your usual style and it’s great to diversify.

Devorah: Definitely ! Remember how this all came about? We were sitting together in your studio working on a song for my upcoming album and we were building the lyrics and messages I wanted in the song, and I really wanted a certain rap style and you pulled up some options for me to listen to, and one of them was this song! And I was like hold up! What is this? This is amazing!! This is Mordechai Shapiro’s Ein Od Milvado with different words?! What version is this?? Can I have it?!! I need this song!

Chayala: lol , you know how my brain randomly whirs at random, and this was just one of my musical reactions to covid ! This song is just sitting here you can have it !
Devorah:Yayyyy and now we’re here!
Such hashgacha that you happened to play that song amongst the thousands that you have. Chayala can you give our listeners one takeaway message from this song that was part of your inspiration writing it?

Chayala: I think I echo everyone else’s feelings when I say that what covid did this year again and again, was shine a light on how much we do not know! Every day, another headline or question that left us scratching our heads. Yet what’s so ironic is that each revelation just brought us closer to the one thing we DO know in this life … which is that we only have one place to turn to and He has The answers!

Devorah: Love that! That really hits home .Thank you so much!

Incredible Lyric Video by Eliana Thalheim, Flash of Design Productions
Original song Ein od Milvado by Mordechai Shapiro
Vocals: Devorah Schwartz
Lyrics: Chayala Neuhaus
Recorded, mixed and mastered by CNoteStudios