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יפה נוף משוש כל הארץ –
This song celebrates the beauty of the gorgeous land of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people.
We yearn for the day that all our people will one day be gathered from all over the world to once again sing the glory of Hashem in the third Beis Hamikdash!
May it come speedily in our days!

Yife Nof Lyrics –
יפה נוף משוש כל הארץ הר ציון ירכתי צפון קרית מלך רב
גדול ה’ ומהלל מאד בעיר א-להינו הר קדשו
There’s no place that has the beauty of the land of our King.
Come to Jerusalem on an eagles wing
I cant wait to sing a song in the temple on the mountain of Zion

I keep picturing the day when all my brothers come to pray
in Jerusalem, to Hashem Elokim.
Everybody stands as one and our voices going higher and higher!

Jerusalem, can’t you hear my soul
Is it not too long, can’t you bring us home?
The Jewish nation belongs in the land of our fathers!

Song composed and performed by Eli Levin – @elilevinmusic
Music produced by Lior Abramov
Art by Shani Levin – @shanilevinart