Enchanting Rhone – Southern France & Provence – October 19-26

Lyon to Lyon Including:  Arles, Avignon, Carpentras, Viviers, Le Pouzin, & Lyon

Featuring Guest:
Lecturer Dr. Henry M. Abramson – Dean, Touro College
Culinary Experiences with Naomi Nachman


Cuisine by Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green 

Kosher River Cruises brings to you that je ne sais quoi of travel experiences as we sail the stunning Rhone River through the heart of Provence.  On the AMADEUS Provence 

you will travel in exceptional comfort and enjoy quality the finest quality service, all with classical ambiance. Discover one of Europe’s most beautiful waterways from the comfort of your floating 5-star hotel. 


This fascinating journey takes you along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Rhone, right in the heart of French Provence; a land of exception, appreciated throughout the world for the beauty of its landscapes and inimitable lifestyle. Provence’s azure-blue skies, natural scenery, remarkable heritage, chirping cicadas, lavender fields and hilltop villages make it a holiday destination dreams are made of.  

During our journey we experience the wonders and beauty of Provence visiting Arles, Avignon, Carpentras, Viviers, Le Pouzin, and Lyon.  This cruise encompasses art, history and culture in places that bear witness to thousands of years of European history.  Your experience is further enhanced by your on-board Kosher River Cruise historians, lecturers, and educators, who bring to life each region, rich Jewish history and heritage. 

Jewish Provence: To the French, Provence evokes the books of Marcel Pagnol, the Occitan language, and the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne. But it is also rich in Jewish history. Jews lived in this part of southern France in comparative peace until they were expelled in the 14th century, when the region was united with the Kingdom of France. These banished Jews found refuge in the lands ruled by the Popes of Avignon — today’s Department of the Vaucluse – in the cities of Avignon, Carpentras, l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and Cavaillon. The cities became known throughout the Jewish world as the Arba Kehillot, the four communities, and the Jews who lived therein became known as des Juifs du Pape (the Pope’s Jews). The Jews of the Arba Kehillot spoke a Judeo-Provencal dialect known as shuadit and developed traditions very different from those in Jewish communities in other parts of Europe.  Come along with us as we explore the Arba Kehilot and the wonders of this region for a unique, educational, and relaxing holiday down the Rhone! 

Our all-inclusive program includes our famous delicious Glatt Kosher cuisine & buffets, on-board synagogue with daily minyanim, engaging lectures entertainment, on-board programming, and our famous local touring as we explore the area’s fascinating and pivotal history of the Jewish people. 

Imagine watching the river from your very own cabin. Each bright and airy cabin has a panoramic window with unrestricted views so you can look out on the river as it takes you to new places and reveals charming landscapes and unforgettable places. All you have to do is sit back and relax.  The elegance, comfort, and personal service aboard your Kosher River Cruise ship create a cocoon of inspiration and calm.  Experience relaxing European travel with the unrivaled ease of river cruising! 


Cruise Tour

  • Day 1 Th: Embarkation Lyon (airport transfers included day of embarkation). 
  • Day 2 Fr: Arles, guided city tour with private kosher winery tour & tasting
  • Day 3 Shabbat: Arles
  • Day 4 Su: Avignon, Guided city tour
  • Day 5 Mon: Carpentras & Viviers guided tours
  • Day 6 Tu: Le Pouzin & Ardeche tour
  • Day 7 Wed: Lyon guided city tour
  • Day 8 Th: Disembark Lyon


Experience the sleek beauty of the AMADEUS Provence as we glide through the south of France. As soon as you set foot on the ship, its coziness and hospitable atmosphere will overtake you and you can relax.  Make yourself comfortable in the lounge and drink in your surroundings. The restaurant, surrounded by tall glass walls, offers an unobstructed view of the river and its banks. Watch bucolic landscapes pass as you enjoy fine food and good company.   

The cabins on the AMADEUS Provence offer guests a private retreat, with balcony views that take in the river and surrounding landscape.  Our riverboats aren’t like other river cruise ships; they’re designed to impress and inspire with every little detail, exceeding any expectation you have of what a river cruise ship would be like. With its striking minimalistic design, sleek composition and stylish features, our ship is comparable to a contemporary designed hotel.  

Only it’s better, because your hotel travels with you to a multitude of fantastic destinations and offers incredible panoramic views of the stunning scenery you pass along the way. 

Kosher River Cruises don’t want to just meet your expectations; we aim to create spectacular surprises that exceed what you would expect from a kosher tour. Our ship boasts all balcony suite and deluxe cabins, a heated swimming pool, private club and so much more!