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Chapter 1 – Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – Haj Amin Al Husseini, the man who turned the Jewish-Arab conflict into a religious conflict, the effects of which are still evident today. The episode is accompanied by excerpts from the mufti’s diaries and memoirs, from which emerges intense hatred for the Jewish settlement and severe incitement against Jews wherever they are. The episode presents the intelligence operations that were carried out in order to thwart his intentions and describes in detail the mufti’s connections with the Nazi government, with the aim of stopping Jewish immigration and helping with the final solution. They were considered Israel’s sworn enemies and absolute evil, but how much does the majority of the public in Israel know who they really were? What were their real intentions when they openly declared their desire to destroy, harm and erase Israel? The series “Enemies” returns for another season and brings the stories of six key leaders in the Middle East: Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini, leader of Libya Gaddafi, King Hussein of Jordan, leader and founder of Hamas Ahmed Yassin, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Hassan the King of Morocco, as they are reflected through the eyes of Israeli intelligence organizations. The series, which in its first season became a hit in the Arab world as well, deals with the figure of the leader, his hostility to Israel and his personality and the question of how Israeli intelligence caught him and how he acted against him or with him at certain moments. Each episode presents moments of confrontation with the leader or acts of terrorism initiated and accompanied by people who were part of the events. The new season will also deal with Ahmed Yassin, who managed to found a murderous terrorist organization and mobilize crowds, while completely disabled. Babu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who wanted to establish a fanatical Islamic state while destroying Israel, and also two extraordinary enemies who always knew how to maintain a stable relationship with Israeli intelligence – King Hussein, an enemy who did his actions against us in order to survive in power, and Hassan, the king of Morocco, who began to have secret relations with Israeli intelligence many years before the open peace agreements between the countries, the first season dealt with the enemies: Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hafez al Assad, Anwar Sadat, Ruhollah Khomeini.

Chapter 2 – The madman from Tripoli, Muammar Gaddafi

A crazy revolutionary, the man described as a cruel paranoid who turned Libya into a hotbed for the export of terrorism. Trained, armed and sponsored terrorist organizations that operated against Israel. In the episode, Mossad activities and an exclusive interview with the international terrorist Carlos Hatan are revealed.

Chapter 3 – King Hussein

Here are five facts you didn’t know about King Hussein: 1. Some claim he served as a CIA agent 2. During one of the many parties he spent in England, he (probably accidentally) took LSD 3. He had an affair with a Jewish actress named Susan Cabot who- CIA matched him 4. According to various testimonies, King Hussein could turn in an instant from a lovable person to a man with a terrifying fit of rage 5. When his grandfather King Abdullah was murdered before his eyes in Al Aqsa Mosque, Hussein himself was also shot but a brooch he wore saved his life 6. Hussein would transmit himself in code Mossad reveals more fascinating facts in the chapter about the Jordanian king who escaped assassination many times and had to juggle between war with Israel and secret cooperation with it. People who took part in the secret talks talk about his fascinating character.

Chapter 4 – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Here are five facts you didn’t know about the leader of “ISIS” – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: 1. He played soccer in his youth and excelled at it 2. He had a doctorate in Islamic studies 3. He was an introverted and quiet person and not someone who you would think would become the leader of ISIS 4. Abu Bakr, The name he adopted for himself is the name of the first caliph, the successor of the Prophet Muhammad 5. Baghdadi was imprisoned in an American detention camp in Iraq and there he gained most of his influence and power. More interesting facts in the chapter on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the man who wanted to rule Islam and brutally terrorized the region unimaginable.

Chapter 5 – Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

Here are five facts you didn’t know about Sheikh Ahmed Yassin: 1. He had a beautiful voice when he sang and was even called “The Nightingale” 2. He worked as a waiter on the seashore of Gaza 3. He became disabled after a failed attempt to perform a handstand 4. Before the establishment of Hamas, Yassin mainly worked In the elimination of collaborators with Israel 5. He said that by the year 2027 the State of Israel will collapse 6. He visited Israel several times and delivered sermons in mosques throughout the country. More interesting facts in the chapter about Ahmed Yassin – a murderer in a wheelchair. The episode revealing the character and life story of the founder of Hamas and how he planned his transformation into a terrorist organization back in the early 1970s. Who was the charismatic man who hated Israel and knew how to motivate crowds?

Chapter 6 – Hassan II, King of Morocco

Here are five facts you didn’t know about King Hassan II: 1. He had a Jewish nurse whose son became his friend 2. He had a palace where hundreds of women served as concubines 3. He survived two assassination attempts and a coup in his kingdom 4. For a meeting with a senior member of the Mossad, he secretly left the palace wearing pyjamas. 5. He saw Israel as a model of prosperity and success. More interesting facts in the chapter about Hassan, King of Morocco, who decided to hold secret intelligence contacts with Israel, even though he was forced to show hostility to the outside world. The episode reveals his fascinating character and how the cooperation between him and the Mossad worked.