Music is amazing. It can raise you up or knock you down with just a few well-placed notes or lyrics. And somehow, the music in Israel since October 7 has been able to take us on all kinds of highs and lows. Each week, we at Israel Hour Radio have taken you on a musical roller-coaster ride, throwing your emotions into overdrive. But this week, just by coincidence, it seems we have more uplifting songs than we’ve had in a while. And despite the pain, we have plenty of good reasons to be optimistic, even during these dark days. No, not all of this week’s brand new songs will put a smile on your face. In this time when it’s so easy to be bogged down by depression, however, it sure feels good to be motivated, inspired, and uplifted by a song or two. Consider it musical therapy. (Original Air Date: January 21, 2024)

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